A Message from
Lee Senter

The CFCRA has made a huge investment and decision for the betterment of the flooring industry. As a national trade association we want to improve our industry and ensure that the necessary resources are available to materially interested people and tradespersons of our industry. In December the CFCRA decided to buy the rights to hold the International Certified Flooring Installer (CFI) classes in Canada.

This is a huge monetary investment for us and we want it to be a success. The reason we are doing this is because of the lack of affordable, short term flooring installation classes. We do not pretend to believe that every installer is going to run out and take these classes. But we do not want anybody to be able to say that they wanted or needed this training and it was not available.

Our team will be headed up by industry known instructors Drew Kern and Jack Pilcher and they will be trained by CFI as master trainers. Mark Aydin will also be training to be a CFI instructor. The CFCRA really does want to move the industry forward.

We will continue to hold hard to find IICRC classes and specialty classes such as Shaw Total Solutions, WoolSafe, WHMIS and many more. If anyone reading this message has ideas that they feel would benefit the industry and want to move forward with them, do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]

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